The Collection


Already mastering the organization of  tailor-made games, our experts have now created turnkey corporate activities: group challenges and interactive games making the most of everyone’s skills (thinking, observing, making decisions…). They are able to energize staff, boost business projects and create a long-term effect tracing back to the workplace.

• Smart puzzles imagined by inventive and enthusiastic people at CDV

• Cost effective games

• Experienced, qualified and flexible organizers and entertainers

• Personal and undivided attention

We are offering digital and traditional turnkey corporate  games.

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Toulouse is rich of an eventful history, a colorful architecture and alive terraces. You will get to know this charming and vibrant city through a fun adventure. Teams have to solve puzzles and complete challenges with success to be the ultimate winners!

The notebook of the great adventurer Paul-Henry Monfray keeps a secret that you are about to uncover. You investigate throughout the city with the help of Clotilde and Victor, your toolkit and a road map. You solve cryptic clues and take up fun challenges unabling you to find your way around. Complete with success the final challenge and the notebook’s secret will be unveiled!

Mission Reporter is an exciting photo challenge.  Participants are actors, extras and judges of their own creation. Everyone contributes to the collective project while discovering the city. Revive the past, capture the present, imagine the future : it’s a matter of being both creative and reactive!



Wine is the star in the idyllic setting of the park and Orangery Rochemontès. A thrilling adventure makes you follow the footsteps of the former owner. Through fun activities, teams learn how to feel and taste aromas and flavors of wine. At the end of the game you will have uncovered (almost) all Bacchus and Rochemontès secrets!

The Riquet Odysee is a fun challenge in nature, both on water and land. You discover an Unesco world heritage site: Riquet’s canal. Teams make their way along the canal in a trendy and original way, take up challenges and learn interesting facts. Combine entertainment and sightseeing into one memorable event filled with laugh and adventure!


Put on your detective hat as your team uncovers clues and collects sensitive evidences to solve the crime! In this truly interactive and exciting event, teams  will meet colorful characters played by actors as they try to unravel the mystery. By the end of the game all teams should have pieced together their own “in-team” conviction! 13 scenarios are available included 2 in English language.