Corporate Team Gaming

You are the search engine!

Team-gaming has been CDV’s specialty right from the beginning! Developed by our experienced organizers, supervized by trained and flexible entertainers, games follow one key principle: the pursuit of a goal. They are mainly made for companies, communities or brands and are already available or tailor-made. Games last from 2 to 8 hours.

What is it about?

Teams of 3 to 10 members (depending on the game) are provided with a toolkit and a road map. They explore the playing field at their own pace. To be the ultimate winners, teams must solve puzzles and complete challenges. Sightseeing and relaxing breaks are spread throughout the day. In the perfect scenario, the game ends with participants sharing a good meal or cocktails in a joyful atmosphere while the winning team is rewarded.



A comprehensive road map: it indicates routes and includes questionnaires in a funny yet informative style. It is customized with the company’s colors and enhanced with images.


The bag: it contains the toolkit needed to take up challenges. A smartphone loaded with special applications can be added to the bag for a modern and even more exciting game.

Find HERE the full collection of traditional and digital games.